I have concerns about the neighbours (or a contractor working for them) taking down a shed or demolishing a house and the dust generated. Are they doing it safely?

Your neighbour, or their contractor, should be:

  • Wearing personal protective equipment
  • Taking the sheets off whole and not using power tools to minimise dust
  • Not working on windy days
  • Wetting down the sheets
  • Putting them in a plastic-lined skip

If you are worried that they are not going things safely, contact your Local Council. WorkCover NSW does not have jurisdiction over asbestos removal being preformed by individual homeowners on the residential property in which they are living. They should remove asbestos sheeting in the line with the guidelines provided by the WorkCover to ensure a safe approach to asbestos removal.

WorkCover NSW does have jurisdiction over contractors and commercial ventures should asbestos removal be performed in an unsafe manner. Contact the WorkCover Assistance Service on 13 10 50 to report an unsafe situation.