Pest Inspection, Pest inspections

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Timber Pest Inspection

Pest Inspection, Pest inspections

A pest control report is conducted in order to source out any problems which may have occurred from unwanted pests. These reports commonly cover termites and ants. Where there is evidence of termites present, there is always residue of what they have eaten or destroyed. Termites most generally feed on cloth, furniture, books, paper and the actual structural timber of a house.

A termite inspection encompasses the following searches and points looked out for;

  • roof void
  • sub-floor
  • internal and external timbers
  • trees and fences within the property boundaries

This being the case, possible unsafe livable areas may arise due to the presence of these pests.

A pest inspection report should be undertaken to help eliminate the presence of these pests, and to help restore the original conditions of the house or structure if possible, or where if not, other safety measures and possible solutions will be outlaid.

Pest Inspection, Pest inspections Typical residue left after termites.

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