strata inspection | strata inspections

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Strata Inspection Report Under 100 Lots

strata inspection | strata inspections

Where a strata inspection report is required, a full investigation will take place to outlay the history of the building, in order to achieve the knowledge of what has been claimed and or paid towards this building. This strata inspection report will detail the entire history of a structure/s that will be required and help give a clear indication as to what has occurred throughout the buildings history, in any matter relating.

This report includes the following:

  • Strata Roll
  • Insurances
  • Records of notices and orders
  • Documentation on retention
  • Books of account
  • Maintenance contributions
  • Managing agent
  • Laws associated
  • Alternate agent
  • Title deed
  • Minutes
  • Executive committee
  • Income tax
  • General information
  • Building defects and other matters
  • Historical information
  • Inspectors special notes
  • Important notes.

A further detailed explanation of this type of report would include questions such as

Is a special levy payable and if so how much?

Has there been any major works planned or currently undertaken?

If there are budgeted levies, how much are they, and when are they due?

Are there any known defects, and if so, are they being resolved?

Is there a current insurance policy and to what value?

Is there workers compensation insurance, and what is the total cover?

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