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SGS offers a wide range of Reports and inspection services such as:

Pre Purchase Property Reports
Pre-Purchase Building Report
Timber Pest Inspection
Owner Builders Warranty Report
Strata Inspection Report
Survey Identification Report
Construction Reports
Dilapidation Report
Progress Building Inspection Report
Final Building Inspection Report
Expert Building Reports
Expert Witness & Building Disputes
Insurance Claims Report
Building Conditional Report (Strata/Residential/Commercial/Industrial)
Technical Investigations & Building Defect Diagnosis
Engineering Reports
Structural & Civil Engineering Report
Mechanical Engineering Report
Other Professional Consultancy Services Include
Civil & Structural Engineering Calculations & Design
Project Management & Project Administration

Dilapidation Report

The condition of a property can be documented with this type of report, therefore allowing a thorough inspection of the structure to take place. A dilapidation report is one where an inspection is undertaken on the condition of the structure, but does not include defects. These reports are completed to a standard where they are accepted by local councils, and insurance companies.